Monday, August 12, 2013

Does christianity actually give peace?

Currently there are many web ads (even on Facebook) which offer visitors 'do you want peace?', 'have peace in faith', 'get salvation','get rid of sins' and the like. Dedicated christians use these ads to delude laymen into becoming christians. But do people actually get peace? Even if so what type of peace is that? Let's examine the form of their so called peace(?).
They say that every human being is by-birth sinful (which contradicts Islamic concept (declaring infants as sinless) and is also unrealistic. How can someone be sinful before starting his performance and just because of another one's sin?) They continue that man is so sinful that they can never get salvation on their own. So to get salvation he has only to believe that Jesus (pbuh) sacrificed his life for mankind's salvation. Thus, he, when believes that he has got rid of his sins he gets peace and becomes happy.
Even this theory has no biblical origin. Bible says in Ezekiel-
 'the son does not bear the guilt for his father's sin, nor is the father responsible for the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself (18:20).
This distortion was made by Paul. When people believe in this absurd theory of getting rid of sins by believing that Jesus (pbuh) paid for their sins, these people get interested in committing more and more sins as they do not think that whatever they do they themselves will have to account for it.
Some tries to explain it saying once one believes in the theory one's heart will be purified and will not ever commit sin. Suppose, I believe that someone has paid for whatever I will be having in a restaurant, hence what can prevent me from going to the restaurant regularly? So, people may acquire personal peace and tranquility assuming to be acquited of sins they themselves committed. But It is pseudo peace and such an absurd theory cannot establish ultimate and universal peace as everyone will be harming another due to absense of feeling of accountability paving the way for the criminal to destroy social order. I have elaborated in my first post the way to get peace. It has two steps i.e. creating the sense of morality and accountability of the hereafter to Allah and establishing an Islamic and moral govt. which will implement moral laws i.e. punish criminals and close immoral sources of crimes which instigate evil feelings.


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